Surface Finishing

These are the factors to consider when choosing surface finishing for sheet metal parts

Surface Finishing


Visual RequirementsVisual parts or non-visual parts
Corrosion RequirementsThe environment in which the parts will be used – indoor, outdoor or corrosive environment
FunctionalityWhether the parts will be subject to friction and tight tolerances
UsageMechanical usage of the parts and surface finish friction test requirements


FinishFinish ThicknessCorrosion (Hour/Salt Spray Test)Application
Powder Coating70µm – 150µm96h – 1000h NSSIndoor / Outdoor and high visual Requirements
White Zinc5µm – 8µm48h – 96hIndoor / Outdoor & Low Visual Requirements
Electrocoating≥21µm≥96hIndoor / Outdoor & Low Visual Requirements
Geomet2µm – 8.6µm≥480hOutdoor & Tolerances
  • Powder Coating cost depend on performance requirements
  • Geomet costs up to three times the cost of white zinc
  • Electrocoating costs the same as white zinc

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