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Our People

First we have the people. Then we have Komacut. Our people are what made us great and here at Komacut, everyone is an achiever.

Technologies have disrupted B2C, standard product manufacturing and the supply chain. At Komacut, we revolutionize the way contract manufacturing is done. On-demand laser cut and folded parts ordering is made possible with just a few clicks, redefining the B2B supply chain for customized components for medium to large production. It is our goal to provide a flawless contract manufacturing service – enhanced with transparency, simplicity, and reliability, using industry 4.0 technologies.

Mr. Maxime Berube
CEO & Founder

Our Management Team

Mr. Conor Moore
Sales & Marketing Manager

Mr. Udi Nesher
Plant Manager

Mr. Anthony Lim
Engineering & Lean Manager

Ms. Olivia Zhong
Finance Manager

Mr. Matt Xing
Purchasing Manager

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