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Our Facility

Komacut opened its 23,000 sq. ft. laser cutting facility in Guangzhou, China in 2017. Our sophisticated, smart sheet metal fabrication facility brings customers real-time manufacturing, streamlined processing, waste elimination, and cost optimization. We empower our customers with full visibility and transparency by offering access to real-time monitoring and control at every step of the production process.

Our Machinery

Komacut invests heavily in the latest sheet metal machinery from global suppliers to ensure our production orders are fulfilled on time, and to specifications, every time. We aim to always exceed client expectations, and to make your product into reality.

Feel free to visit our facility and meet the team that makes Komacut possible

Our Machines

Laser Cutting

  • Mitsubishi CO2 3KW Laser Cutting
  • LVD Fiber 8KW Laser Cutting with Automatic Material Tower

Sheet Metal Bending

  • 40T LVD CNC Sheet Bending 5 Axis with 1,250mm Length
  • 80T LVD CNC Sheet Bending 9 Axis with 2,500mm Length
  • 80T LVD CNC Sheet Bending 9 Axis with 1,500mm Length
  • 100T Accurpress CNC Sheet Bending 6 Axis with 2,500mm Length
  • 100T ACL CNC Sheet Bending 4 Axis

CNC Threading & Chamfering

  • 3 Axis Sheet Metal CNC with 800mm Work Table


  • Auto-Deburring Steel Plate
  • Auto-Deburring Aluminum & Stainless Steel
  • Tumbling
  • Magnetic Deburring

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